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Leanne Beers: Mom with DS 'Thrives on Life'

When talking with Leanne Beers of Missoula, Mont., you can’t help thinking that this is one upbeat, optimistic woman.

“Even though you have muscular dystrophy, or any limitation for that matter,” she says, “it doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish the goals you want. You just may have to go about it differently. There’s no reason you can’t be happy and thrive on life.”

MDA Transitions Summit: Breaking Down the Barriers

When Angela Wrigglesworth, who has spinal muscular atrophy and uses a power chair, first started college at Texas A&M, she planned to be a business major. 

Getting to the business school, however, involved crossing a set of train tracks, and one day, Wrigglesworth’s chair got struck on the tracks.

Wrigglesworth received help from bystanders to free her 300-pound chair before a train came along, but after that harrowing experience, she decided to change majors.

Jason Peck: Artist with DM Teaches Others Online

Jason Peck’s memory of his childhood has some missing images: running, jumping, swinging, and sliding into home.

Although Peck, who received a dermatomyositis diagnosis at age 4, missed out on playing ball in the backyard with his buddies, he discovered early on that he had a talent his speedy friends didn’t — the ability to draw rather well. And he’s never looked back.

MDA Fly Out 2011 Focuses on Transitions

Would you like meet with your congressman to talk about issues important to families facing neuromuscular disease?

Please join us for the MDA Fly Out.

For the third year in a row, MDA families and advocates are gearing up for the MDA Fly Out— annual meetings with congressional representatives held in their home districts throughout the August congressional recess.

MDA Wants Your Photos

This summer, MDA is inviting everyone to participate in its new "Make a Muscle, Make a Difference" public awareness campaign by submitting photos of friends and family flexing their muscles for MDA.

MDA also is seeking photos for its "Accessible Spaces Gallery" debuting in August on the MDA Transitions Resource Center, a website designed to help young people with muscle diseases make the transition to adulthood and independence.

Road Map to Independence for Young Adults

Download a printable PDF of this entire booklet PDF

The "Road Map to Independence" is a guide to becoming your own advocate and living successfully with neuromuscular disease. This book assists teens, young adults and their families as they prepare for and transition into adulthood.

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